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We believe it is important not to try and be all things to all people. There are certain services that our clients may require that are best provided by others.

We work closely with a number of trusted advisors that can help with challenges where we don’t have expertise.

Put our combined expertise to work for you.


Robert Herta

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Herta Communications

Herta Communications specializes in solving complex business issues through strategic communications and marketing.

Robert Herta is passionate about helping Fortune 500 companies, startups and non-profits grow their customer base, improve bottom line results and become (or stay) leaders in their respective fields.

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ZL Consulting

ZL Consulting specializes in helping project-based operations achieve their business growth strategies through lean process, data driven methodology and knowledge transfer. They assist organizations with operational excellence, and provide coaching and online training courses for project managers. 

Ivy is passionate about building a project management community for experience sharing and knowledge transfer. 


Jay Hawreluk

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AcuMax Index


AcuMax is an assessment tool that measures and reports on human wiring in an objective manner.  No labels or slanting, but who the individual is complete with their unique strengths and limitations.  The AcuMax is EEOC compliant and statistically validated – enabling clients to use it in the screening and hiring process.

Jay is passionate about improving people relationships at all levels, helping us to better understand each other and to remove many of the “people clutter” items that impede personal interactions.


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Emerge Consulting

Emerge partners with businesses to develop long term workforce strategies by helping them attract, develop and retain entry-level talent. They work with companies who are tired of the Band-Aid fixes and want a long term solution to their workforce problems.


Joe is passionate about helping businesses plan for their long term success by building teams from the bottom up. 


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The mission at OurOffice is to transform workplace culture so that all people have equal opportunity to pursue the careers of their choice, contribute fully, and feel that they belong.

OurOffice's turnkey solution, Diversity and Inclusion as a Service, delivers the 3 P’s for building an inclusive workplace culture: A DEI Professional, proven Process, and technology Platform. OurOffice has been featured in the 2019 Mercer D&I Technology Report and the 2020 Deloitte D&I Landscape Report.

“The speed and quality of the candidates and the search were exceptional.”